Tuesday, April 28, 2015

THE PRAYER CANOPY - 24/7 For the 10DaysTogether

Here are the instructions for people 
who want to make a promise to pray 
during the event 24x7 in 30 minutes 
time slots.

1.       Go to www.onevoice4t.org

2.       Create an Account

3.       Watch for an email and click on 
the link to confirm your new account

4.       Log into www.onevoice4t.org 
using your new user ID and password

5.       Click on “Prayer Community” – 
search for “10 Days Together” and join 
the group

6.       Click on “Prayer Promises” then 
on   “Add Prayer Promise”

7.       Scroll down to the schedule and 
pick a day and 30 minute time slot for 
your Prayer Promise.  You may enter 
as many promised time slots as you 
agree to complete.

8.       Click on “Save Schedule” to 
complete your Prayer Promise.

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